28 November 2008

What I did at the 2nd BSRC - II - Sunday

Sunday 15 June

On Sunday we had the established annual Nationwide Cave Rescue Drill. The scenario involved an injury in the "Acropolis" part of the Maara Cave, which is a little further in than the end of the tourist route. SELAS had a slightly lower turnout than at other rescue drills, and some of the Greek clubs chose not to send their rescuers to the drill at all. I did not have the pleasure of participating as I was stuck in the camp secretariat, but as far as I know, everything went well (despite the "victim" needing to pass water continuously - probably the result of being in a wetsuit for so many hours).

In the evening we had the first video presentations and enjoyed the first showing of SPOK's the educational film called, "Emilios, Sophia and the cave". Eva Kamilaki introduced the video and talked about the work being done on education by her club, SPOK in Crete. The presentations continued every night until the end of the camp. The subjects covered exploration in all corners of the world from Mexico to China and Indonesia. The many videos with biospeleological subjects were especially interesting especially those from Karstic springs in Hungary and Serbia. The fireside music and dancing ran concurrently with the presentations and then continued well into the night.

The camp fire started each night

Balkan bagpipes!

Lefteris and Eva watch the presentations

The area where the presentations were made

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