26 July 2006

Propantes April 2005

Back here: old post on Propantes I wrote (not at very much length) about going to Propantes in Arkadia.

I have got my act together with youtube now and am happy to present a small video of our adventure that weekend. I hope you enjoy.

07 July 2006

Plans for weekend 15-16 July

Part of the survey showing the deepest explored sections of the sinkhole.

The plans for the weekend of 15-16 July involve diving the sump at top left (true north is up) and creating a better survey of the immediate area. The passage leading south is all underwater and probably needs neoprene. It joins with the end of last year's new exploration through a 70m dive.

05 July 2006

Back to Dersios - 2006 season

Well, some of the other boys and girls have already gone back, some of them starting on their fourth season of exploration at the Dersios Sinkhole. The optimism in the group is high with strong feelings that this year we'll push through to something good.

We are only one step away from potentially virgin passage, although that step is a biggish one involving diving two sumps in succession.

The weekend of 15-16 July will be spent on preparation for the dive, which is expected later on in the season.