10 April 2009

Exploring the cave of the Lion: Part I

Transcription of my diaries from the exploration of the Cave of the Lion 2008 - Part I

19 July 2008 at 2300 hrs
On the FB Lato

The journey started and with it my first handwritten diary for many years - I am not sure whether the texts of Kastelorizo count. I am totally unfit in a gloriously Gibby way. In my final year at Uni, after four days of hard (and very successful) racing, Gibbar announced to the rest of the crew that he had done "absolutely no land training". The rest of the crew had been doing at least one hour a day... In the same way, although I should be much fitter, I am not.

Yiota finishes off her calculations of energy / protein and nicotine (!) intake for the two weeks.

I have well under my RDA in food with me and generally feel that this great exercise in hubris will blow up in my face. I am travelling with the girls on the old and well-worn "Lato". We meet the boys tomorrow at Melidoni whither we will go from Canea on arrival. A week of very little sleep with plenty of stress is being followed by a short night tonight and the troubles of tomorrow's climb, with the words of the prophets of doom ringing in my mind's ear.


I will make it, but the question is How will I make it? Nikos advice to go at my own pace and nobody else's is correct. There is no point in trying to be someone else. So, sleep now and tomorrow we wake up in Crete. And then the adventure can begin in earnest.

All smiles as we set off!

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