17 April 2009

Exploring the cave of the Lion: Part III

Transcription of my diaries from the exploration of the Cave of the Lion 2008 - Part III

21 July 2008 at 1530 hrs
Inside LO1 - basecamp

The entrance to the three star accommodation...

Back at basecamp after a harder ascent than yesterday. The guys are all settled with shade and I have set out my turf in the French quartier. We may be eating soon. The cave of the lion is cold. Colder than any other I have visited. The French are rigging it today - yesterday we were at about -150m / -170m and today they are going deeper. I don't know when I will go into a cave - I have no great expectations - although as Caspex says, it would be good to see the collector. I agree. I have my gear at 1000m at Khoses and tomorrow is a "dead" day so fuck knows when I'll acclimatise and go to -400m + .

Tents with shades

My own sleeping arrangements

General view of LO1 (outside

I am rather pleased with how I am handling the physical side of things. Really pleased.

The LO1 cave is amazing - kitted out with many years worth of kit which may not have been 100% necessary but it sure makes life so much more comfortable.

Comfort and style in LO1

Fully stocked kitchen!

The Isotonic drink helped a great deal (probably) as I woke without cramps or pulled muscles for the first time ever after that sort of exercise. We'll see what tomorrow will bring. More later...

The Lion - imposing as ever as seen from basecamp

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