02 December 2008

What I did at the 2nd BSRC - III - Monday

Monday 16 June

On Monday morning, and while most participants had gone to visit one of the caves nearby, the representatives of the member states of the BSU conducted the General Assembly. Greece is a founder member of the BSU and one of the bureau members is Greek - Nikos Mitsakis is the vice president of the BSU.

On the agenda, amongst other issues, was the accession of Romania to the BSU. Until this time, Romania had only been present as an observer - the motion was passed unanimously. The third Balkan Speleo Reunion Camp was awarded to Turkey - it will be organised by the Turkish Cavers' Union (TCU) either in Antalya or Kastamonu.

Other subjects concerned the annual fees of the members and other administrative matters. The fourth BSRC was awarded to Romania for 2010. Discussions into the issue of further expansion of the union were also made (to the North and East) but without positive results. Today all members are countries which unquestionably have some part of the Balkan peninsula within their borders. Greece is in against expansion beyond the Balkans for fear of losing our focus.

BSU General Assembly held in Drama during the 2nd BSRC

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